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What is Just Show Up Book Club?

Unlike the existing book club, JSU Book Club is a book club to read a book by 'audiobook' and share together.
There is no homework to read and reading starts at the moment of gathering.
And you can have more sharp concentration because you listen to the book by ears with an audiobook.
Make you own JSU Book Club in your gatherings with our FREE JSU audio book!

  • Just Show Up Just Come There is no burden because
    there is no homework.
    At the moment of gathering,
    reading starts.
  • Audio+Book Read and listen to the book. If you read a book using two
    sensory organs, your eyes and ears,
    it will increase your concentration
    and you will be able to peruse
    without difficulty.
  • Share together Share your thoughts. When you share the contents
    you read, you will experience
    more abuttndant emotion
    and learning.

Which Books can I read with?

The 'Audiobooks', which are provided exclusively for the JSU Book Club,
are made of books proven and recommended by world-renowned theologians and
Christian intellectuals, and are available to anyone for free.

JSU Book Club Guide

After your application is registered, we will provide you with a login info to rent JSU audio book via your registered email address.
You can rent JSU audio books on Kyobo Ebook Library App for free.

  1. Make your own
    JSU Book Club
    Book Club needs to be with more than 3 members.
  2. Book Selection
    Please refer to our Book List for your book selection. Paper books of your choice is always required.
  3. JSU Book Club
    Apply to our JSU Book Club by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button below.
  4. Download Kyobo
    Ebook Library App
    After downloading the app, search ‘G&M글로벌문화재단’ for the list of books for rental.
  5. Rent JSU
    Audio Book
    Login to library with the given information in your email, and rent your audio book.
  6. Start your
    Book Club!
    Share your thoughts on books you read.
    * Visit our JSU Book Club Facebook for lots of fun events!

Make your Book Clubs at your Work, Church, and Campus!

The JSU Book Club is active in domestic and overseas churches, university campuses, and companies.

  • Workplace Workplace
    Use as contents in employee meetings,
    corporate training, industry meetings,
    Partners KBS Christian Club, MBC Christian Club, Pavilion, Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service, Jinso Ministires, Third Vision Production Employees’ Meeting, 3rd Vision Production, Binchae Foundation, Bethesda, etc.
  • Church Campus
    Use as contents such as reading
    certification program, club and
    department meeting, etc.
    Partners Seoul Theological University, Baekseok University, Myongji University, Handong University, Soongsil University, Kyungsung University, Korea Baptist Theological University and Seminary, Campus Christian Crusade, Chaplain’s office of Keimyung University, Chongshin University, etc.
  • Campus Church
    Use it in the second service of the
    church, cell meeting, various training
    programs, etc
    Partners Onnuri Church (Point 5’s Female Leaders’ Meeting and Clergy Meeting), Seoul Dream Church, The Light Baptist Church, Sooyoungro Church, Hub Church, Samil Church, Dream Church, Promise Church, New Jersey Chodae Church, Tokyo Onnuri Church, Lebanese Missionary Alliance

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