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We are expanding our grant areas based on the following 8 areas.

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  • The underprivileged Organizations that provide sustainable assistance to the underprivileged,
    including people with disabilities and foreign workers, for their self-development.
  • Humanitarian Aid Organizations that render practical and effective assistance to neighbors affected
    by disasters including war and natural disasters.
  • Sports Organizations that aid athletes in obscure sports who ceaselessly challenge themselves
    with patience and perseverance and support healthy sport activities by juveniles.
  • Education Organizations that present a new paradigm of education and foster talents
    who will brighten up the world.
  • Social Impact Organizations that intend to positively impact society by holding cultural events
    and producing lively contents.
  • Media & Art Organizations that promote a rich, beautiful culture in artistic fields
    including music and movies.
  • Youth Venture Works with young venture entrepreneurs who wish to conduct business to
    bring a better life to the disadvantaged 90%.
  • Economic, Political and Media Research Organizations that may have a sound influence on Korea and other Asian nations through political,
    economic, and media research.

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