Board Members

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  • Chairperson | President Aeran Moon Co-President, G&M Foundation Korea
    CEO, Welcomm
    Full-time Volunteer, Compassion
  • President Young-Mok Kim Co-President, G&M Foundation Korea (Admin, Grant) 
    President, KOICA
    Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Director Jik-Han Koh Executive director, Career & Calling Ministries
    CEO, Association for Young Adult Ministries of Churches
  • Director Sang-ki Chung Distinguished Professor, Konkuk Unversity
    Representative, the Korean Mission in Taipei
    Ambassador, the Northeast Asia Cooperation
    Consul General, San Francisco, USA
  • Director ChoonHo Kim President, The State University of New York Korea
    Executive Vice President, Public & International Affairs, Konkuk University
    President, Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  • Director Byung Goo Hwang CEO, The Bright Foundation
    Board Member, JOY Mission
    Secretary, Lausanne Korea Committee
  • Director Ro Sean Kim Co-President, Seungil Hope Foundation
    Musician (JINUSEAN)
    Honorary Ambassador, Compassion
    Honorary Ambassador, HOLT
  • Director Jinwoo Choi Lead Attorney, JW & Partners
    Attorney, Law, Kim & Chang
    Coordinator, Korea Conference of Advocate Asia
  • 감사 Jinho Jung Chairman, The Wells Investment
    CEO, Prudential Investment and Securities, Korea

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