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Bible that couldn’t  be read easily. If we don’t listen to Bible, we cannot achieve what God tells us to do.
Hear the Bible come alive! This audio Bible is produced with state of the art audio technology, including sound effects and an original musical score. This is a new experience in audio Bibles like none before.
Why do we need to read bible in groups? We were told to listen to scriptures in public, and in roups. Moses, Joshua, Nehemiah and Jesus all read Bible in groups. If we listen to bible in groups, we would be able to do the same things that our biblical ancestors did. Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.(Romans 10:17)
Enjoy your meal with Jesus! Once a week, enjoy your meal with Jesus! Pray with Psalms, and read old testament and the new testament that are paired by its context. Learn More about Drama Bible
Sharing resources in love to foster healthier societies. We value partnership with our grantees and feel privileged to support their work in serving their communities. Learn more about our GRANT Program
/data/main/banner/Learning, Doing, Sharing, Serving. The Grace & Mercy Foundation Korea is a purposeful community whose goal is to serve the people of Korea and Asia, including marginalized eighbors and to support cultural acts for making a better world by sharing resource
/data/main/banner/Why is it important to listen to the Bible as a group? Experience God’s presence and touch through the ‘Dramatized Bible’
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Drama Bible

Inspired by Nehemiah 8 in the Bible, we believe in the importance of gathering
God's people corporately to listen and respond to the reading of God's Word. The Bible
was read aloud in public during worship, allowing worshippers to hear God's word
personally. We aim to restore this important role of the Bible by encouraging others to
implement corporate readings of scripture in their own communities.


About JSU Book Club

Many people today cannot find the time to read books in their daily lives. Though reading
often gets set aside in the midst of busy schedules, we think it is important to read good
literature for growth and enjoyment. Instead of a traditional book club with required
reading, we meet to listen to audio books and enjoy them together. In this structure,
people can participate in a book club and share their opinions comfortably in a pleasant
surrounding without incurring burdens. All participants have to do is just show up!


Theology of Work

The Theology of Work Project is an independent, international organization
dedicated to researching, writing, and distributing materials with a biblical
perspective on non-church workplaces. We collaborate with other faith and work
organizations, universities and seminaries to help equip workplace Christians for
meaningful and fruitful work of every kind.



Sharing our resources in love to foster healthier societies.

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